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Case Study

Production Ramp-Up at Supplier Battery Systems

Battery Assembly in the Automotive Supplier Industry


Company Details

  • Tier 1 | automotive supply industry
  • Sales p.a. > €5b
  • Employees > 75,000
  • Global footprint

Situation and Challenge

  • Opening of a new site for the production of high-performance battery systems
  • Commissioning of production equipment and delivery of first products to OEM customer in sight
  • The automated production/assembly line installed by the equipment manufacturer is delivering defective products and is not on the required volume ramp-up curve
  • A potential legal dispute with the equipment manufacturer is on the horizon
  • OEM customer goes to escalation mode

Objective and Task

  • Recording of all problems and processing according to priorities
  • Finding a pragmatic and solution-oriented way of dealing with the plant manufacturer
  • Solving all problems (especially quality and quantity) within a defined period of time

Results and Achievements

  • All problems recorded and systematically dealt with
  • Legal dispute with the plant manufacturer avoided
  • Outputs are back on the required start-up curve
  • Scrap significantly reduced and in further reduction
  • OEM confidence restored

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