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Case Study

Transformation Management in the Energy Sector

Interim Executive Transformation Management at a Major Infastructure Project


Company Details

  • Several German transmission system operators as joint owners of the project
  • General contractor for all phases from planning to approval, construction and commissioning

Situation and Challenge

  • Different understanding of responsibilities and tasks between project participants  
  • Highly complex project structure: large number of subcontractors with diverging interests; unclear control structure and challenging approval situation
  • Insufficient use of synergy potential
  • No risk management but risk avoidance

Objective ans Tasks

  • Development of a coordinated expectation management and a common interpretation of the tasks regarding the concluded contracts
  • Clear and unique definition of roles and tasks as well as the organizational structure
  • Establishment of a superordinate instance for project optimization and transformation
  • Implementation of an overarching, project-wide understanding of partnership beyond the roles of client and contractors

Measures and Procedures

  • Analysis of the status quo in the project based on objective criteria (measure – evaluate – report)
  • Assessment and comparison of the respective expectations of the project participants
  • Conceptual design and implementation of a change board to synchronize the different expectations
  • Establishment of a board to accompany transformation and cultural change

Results and Achievements

  • Optimization of project organization and responsibilities
  • Resolution of the differences related to the contract modalities
  • Establishing clear and unambiguous decision-making structures
  • Further development of the project towards measurable increase of project progress (improvement of timing, cost savings) and management of transformation including establishment of a common project culture
  • Increase of confidence and satisfaction of stakeholders, also on political levels

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