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Case Study

Interim CIO at International Automotive Supplier

Design, implementation and disciplinary leadership of the IT organization


Company Details

  • Tier 1 supplier automotive. Development and production of innovative, design-defining and functional products for automobiles: exterior systems, bumper systems and polymer functional systems
  • SE & Co. KG, approx. €1.2b turnover, approx. 7,000 employees, 25 sites (production, assembly, logistics, sales) in 9 countries

Situation and Challenge

  • Spin-off of the automotive division as an independent company, followed by conception of the IT target organization for the automotive company
  • Heterogeneous system landscape with a high proportion of in-house developments, ongoing implementation of SAP S4, IT services (software, platforms, infrastructure) in local/central group units, tight budgets and resources, non-transparent IT project portfolio

Objective ans Tasks

  • Design, implementation and disciplinary leadership of the IT organization (change and people management)
  • Development of a service-oriented stakeholder management system
  • Support of SAP S4 implementation as well as strategy development for the entire application landscape 
  • Participation in the further development of Business Process Management and in the recruitment of CIO successor

Measures and Procedures

  • Inventory, design target organization
  • Participation in defining process house, roles, committees and framework formulation
  • Realignment of IT project portfolios and IT roadmap

Results and Achievements

  • Significantly improved IT service orientation
  • Actual state of the IT system landscape is transparent. Initial stabilisation measures are taking effect
  • Realization of the IT target organization
  • Training of the successor

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