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Battery Technology – Interim Management Solutions

Demand for storage cells, battery modules and systems for e-mobility and the associated energy transition is rising sharply. Huge amounts of money are being invested across industries in building up expertise for new business areas. The challenges are countless and divers: customer projects must be realized, production processes and supply chains optimized, and new technologies validated.

To be successful in this dynamic environment, best-in-class results must be delivered to secure competitive advantages.

Atreus Offers Expertise in Implementation & Management

Numerous automotive and supplier companies are taking substantial investments to shape the energy transition. New product generations are being entered and realized, particularly in the mobility environment, but also across industries:

  • E-Mobility, alternative drives: Standardized lithium-ion battery solutions or customized battery packs
  • Development of stationary storage for sustainable and resilient energy management for companies / commercial enterprises
  • Technological protection of the battery medium as an overall system (cooling, power gridding, data management etc.)
  • Innovative manufacturing & industrialization processes for efficient and interconnected batery series production

These and other challenges often lead to a stressed business case and tensed milestone pressure. In order to successfully realize time-to-market deadlines, teams must be properly managed and taken decisions must be implemented accordingly.


„Cross-industry many automotive players invest in sustainable battery or energy solutions, facing enormous technical and economic challenges to run new business units.“

Start with experience immediately to deliver results

Whether it‘s growth, production ramp-up or holistic quality assurance, experienced Atreus interim resources start implementing immediately and have a results-oriented management approach.

Whether in start-ups, mid-sized companies, tier 1 or vehicle manufacturers: an Atreus interim manager accelerates progress.

3 Examples of Successful Atreus Mandates:


Production ramp-up at supplier battery sytems

  • Role: Project Management SOP Coordination
  • Company: Tier1 battery packs
  • Objective: ensuring production ramp-up
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Results: Series SOP successfully realized (quantity & time), implementation of newly defined internal qualiy standards

General manager for series production and growth

  • Role: CEO, General Manager
  • Company: battery storage
  • Objective: proftable growth
  • Duration: 15 months
  • Results: proftable growth, series & development contract with OEM, start-up of new production site

Stabilization of quality processes at automotive supplier

  • Role: Quality Manager
  • Company: Tier1 system supplier
  • Objective: performance enhancement
  • Duration: 8 months
  • Results: plant capacity increase, scrap reduction, task force communication with OEMs

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