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Business Strategy Food Service 2025

in einem weltweit führenden Molkereiunternehmen aus Deutschland​


About the company

  • Global FMCG Dairy company with annual revenue of around € 10 bn globally, € 1 bn in Germany​
  • Business Division Food Service (B2B) with € 40 mil. revenues at only single digit margins​

Situation and challenge

  • Declining food service revenues for years; business performance below expectations​
  • Missing clarity and agreement on a winning strategy between local and global business lead Different and not aligned business targets between local and global lead​
  • Missing transparency on business performance, intransparent business reportings, low level cross-functional cooperation and alignment​

Goals and tasks​

  • Ambition to double revenues to € 100 m of the Food Service Division Germany by 2025​
  • Target to improve margins by 30% ​
  • Define a global/local aligned business strategy incl. identification of growth platforms, portfolio/brand strategies, sales & route to market strategy, organization set-up as well as key enabler and critical success factors and financial business plan 2025​

Measures and approach

  • Project scoping, team set-up, milestone planning, definition of roles & responsibilities, deliverables​
  • Comprehensive business analyses, market & competitors’ analyses, business model review, local team assessment, review of marketing & sales processes and KPIs, cross-functional cooperation level​
  • Definition and evaluation of growth platforms, business potentials, definition of sub-strategies for each strategic platform, definition of enablers and critical success factors​

Results and successes

  • Developed & implemented sales plan for 2021 in alignment with the new strategy​
  • Established new ways of working in sales & marketing​